Frequently Asked Questions

“The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.”

– Albert Einstein

Who can participate in the CCBP?

We are recruiting people who have been diagnosed with any form of Parkinsonism or dementia. In addition we are also recruiting people who have not been diagnosed with any neurological condition to act as healthy controls.

Where will the study take place?

The study center will be at the University of Cincinnati’s Gardner Neuroscience Institute. Please note that participants are responsible for their own transportation to the center.

How often will participants be asked to come in and how long is each visit?

For the initial assessment participants will be asked to come in for four hours and then again a week later for two hours. Afterwards we will ask them to come in once a year for a four hour visit.

What kind of samples are you collecting?

We will collect blood, urine, and stool. We will also be using questionnaires, scales, and devices to measure gait, balance, cognitive function, blood pressure, and overall physical activity and sleep quality, among others.

What is a biomarker?

Biomarkers are measurable indicators of the presence/severity of a particular disease. One of the best examples is blood glucose levels for diabetics. Biomarkers are also necessary to guide the development of therapies to slow or stop disease progression. CCBP aims to do this for individuals suffering with neurodegenerative diseases.

What will be done to ensure the data collected remains private?

All samples will be de-identified so that no one knows who each comes from.

Interested in participating?