Cincinnati Cohort Biomarker Program


 To realize the potential of precision medicine for patients living with neurodegenerative diseases

 To characterize patients affected by neurodegenerative diseases –not to understand diseases, but to understand how individuals are affected by them.


 To re-define Parkinson disease and Alzheimer’s disease from a biological standpoint classifying individual patients into distinctive molecular subtypes

 To identify small but molecularly suitable subsets of subjects for embedded proof-of-concept adaptive clinical trials

 To use biological data to match the right patient to the right therapy


  • Months 0-6: Administrative preparation; database creation

  • Months 6-72: Recruitment of 4000 patients and 1000 healthy controls with initial annual follow-up

  • Months 72-120: Finish Data Collection, completion of data analysis and follow-up

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precision medicine for neurodegenerative diseases