On January 28th, 2021 the Association of American Publishers announced the subject category winners for their annual Prose Award. Brain Fables won in the neuroscience category.

According to the press release: “A panel of 23 judges selected these winners from a total of 130 Finalists from an overall pool of 595 entries for this year’s PROSE Awards competition. ‘These 45 works all represent exceptional scholarship, and significant contributions to their various fields,’ commented Syreeta Swann, Vice President, Programs and Administration, AAP.”

“An incredibly important story never before told, Brain Fables is a wakeup call to the scientific community & society, explaining why we have no effective disease-modifying treatments, and how we can get back on track.”

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“Just began #brainfables and can’t put it down. Fascinating presentation of compelling evidence about PD subtypes and pathological hallmarks having been possibly misunderstood for decades.”

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